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"I was extremely distraught when I made the decision to hire Bryna - one of the best decisions I have ever made. My one-month old son was tongue tied, underwent the surgery, and was still eating very little. Thankfully, I did not have to wait the whole weekend for a home consult. Bryna was available to visit me on a weekend! Prior to Bryna, I had seen four lactation consultants, each appointment ending with me in tears. For the first time, I felt hope after Bryna's visit. She put me on a personalized path that I could actually follow! She told me my son was still tongue tied. I was shocked to hear this, especially after I had seen one of the supposed best lactation consultants around. My doula told me lactation visits should not end in tears and encouraged me to call Bryna. My son had to have his surgery redone. If Bryna had not pointed out my son was still tongue tied even after surgery and four other lactation consultants, I would have given up breastfeeding. This would have been gut-wrenching for me because I value the breastfeeding relationship so much. I am so grateful to Bryna. She saved me and my son! To this day, I tell expectant mothers to hire a private lactation consultant such as Bryna. Every mother deserves the expertise Bryna has. She is extremely intelligent and her sound advice is research based. She also acted as a counselor and friend to me - something I desperately needed during those trying times. Thank you, Bryna!"

-M.M. in Portland, OR

"Bryna is fantastic. We hired her as a Doula for the birth of our first child and couldn't have been more impressed with her support and kindness as she helped us through this amazing new adventure. Bryna is deeply knowledgeable about the birthing process, breastfeeding, and newborn care. She listens deeply to your wants, needs, and challenges and then provides support or a solution that exactly targets the issue or challenge you're having. Bryna helped ensure we had the birth we wanted. Anyone looking for practical, genuine, evidence-based support for the birth of their child would be silly not to hire Bryna. We can't recommend her highly enough!"

-C+D in Portland, OR


"Bryna is amazing! She provided so much more than just lactation consulting to get us through some tough breastfeeding/tongue & lip tie issues. Along with her amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise she has an incredible gift for easing a mother's concerns, providing emotional support and instilling confidence. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her!"

-J.G. in Portland, OR

"Jessi came to our home this morning for a lactation consult and I am so happy with the care and help she offered. She was so warm and friendly and just made me feel so comfortable. I look forward to continuing care with her on our breastfeeding journey!"

-S.J. in OR

"Bryna is very knowledgeable about birth and was supportive of my choices. She was supportive throughout my whole pregnancy with books, and other resources, advice and kindness.  She helped me do a belly cast and really relish my pregnancy.  She supported my husband to be able to be a better birthing partner.   She really helped me and was a fantastic lactation consultant for all the questions I had getting breast feeding started.  Bryna is sweet, kind, very up to date and passionate about birth and babies.  I really enjoyed having her support throughout my pregnancy and still today."

-K.E. in WA

"After having twins with an extended hospital stay, Sejal came to help our new babies get settled in. Even though I was not a first time mom, I still learned so much from Sejal's perspective and she knew what would help me even more than I did! Snacks would appear without me asking, she provided wonderful infant massage education for the babies, and allowed me to relax and rest and enjoy the twins. She also provided great support and follow up on breastfeeding. I felt taken care of and knew we were all in good hands."

-J.V. in Portland, OR


"Bryna with Doula My Soul was amazing! She was there when I thought there was no way I could produce enough milk, gave me reassuring support that I wasn't alone and that my body was working hard at all times. She helped me find great information that allowed me to make the right choices for me and MY family! I highly recommend Bryna."

-K.C. in Rochester, NY

"As blessed as I feel to be a new mother and as much I want to give I just don't have the know how or experience yet. I have so many questions in a day and so much self doubt as to whether I'm doing this right and there's only so much a google search will get me. I've been needing real interaction, emotional support and guidance. Finding someone like Sejal who is nurturing, knowledgeable, gentle and kind is such a gift. Moreover, she's bright and just good company- which is a must. During a time while I still feel vulnerable and overprotective of my baby, Sejal has helped me put my guard down and helped me to really relax and be taken care of in ways I didn't know I even needed. She holds my baby gently and lovingly and I know he's in good hands. She's taught me how to be a better mother in the short while I've known her and I can't thank her enough for being a part of my life."

-S.P. in Portland, OR


"Bryna was very helpful and I am really pleased to have connected with her. She answered all of my questions from how much milk my baby should be taking at this age/weight to how sleep is connected to daytime feedings. She also had some good tips for pumping when I am back at work. The time went really fast so I may sign up to use her again."

-Helpouts User (online consult)


"Bryna was great! She offered 3 different solutions to my current situation and I'm eager to try them all! Thanks, Bryna!"

-Helpouts User (online consult)


"What an easy and convenient way to get help and reassurance with expressing breastmilk for my baby. Bryna has been the most helpful and encouraging lactation consultant of the many I've worked with."

-Helpouts User (online consult)


"Bryna offered great advice about how to handle my son's biting. She also had great tips on pumping at work and how to manage my milk supply. She's super friendly and supportive. Great value for the money!"

-Helpouts User (online consult)

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