What We Do

About Home Visits:


Breastfeeding success doesn't look the same for every family. We are here to help you meet your own goals with your breastfeeding journey, whatever they may be. We offer one-on-one, evidence based care in both our clinic space and your home. 


A typical home-visit consultation has a 30 minute arrival window-- because we're providing home-based, individualized care it sometimes take a little extra time! Sometimes there's traffic or a large distance between clients which can also cause delay. 

Want a home visit?

Your baby doesn't need to be hungry before we arrive. In fact, the hungrier a baby is, the less likely they are to work with us to adjust to new positions (or whatever we are working on), so please feed your baby on demand before our arrival. 

About Clinic Visits:


Our office is in idyllic downtown Camas, WA, about 20 minutes from the PDX airport on 205 North. It's a pretty drive, and our office is near an excellent coffee roaster and cafe! We hope you'll make the drive!

Clinic visits expand our availability, so that every family can be seen as soon as they need. 

If you are a doula client, or have made specific arrangements with Bryna, please contact her directly to schedule.