engaging continuing education

Bryna lectures on a wide variety of topics, from foundational lactation concepts, reflexes and infant feeding, movement for breastfeeding difficulty, mentoring lactation interns, to driving reconnection and follow-up in a consult setting. 

Bryna's education style is engaging, with levity and humor brought to subjects that can be very dry and lose your group's attention. They can create an intimate environment with large groups, and encourage out-of-the-box thinking during workshops with a wide range of adult education concepts. 

They are available to travel. Their speaker fee does not include travel costs, which must be arranged separately. 

Speaking fee: $1500/day (up to 5 sessions)

Subject consultation fee: $85/hr


"Bryna brings so much life to the group!" 

"Loved Bryna and was riveted by her content. Looking forward to learning more in this arena."