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What is a birth doula?

A doula is a non-medical support person for expecting families. A doula is an advocate for the laboring parent's choices at home, in the delivery room, and even in the operating room in some cases, a voice of calm in unexpected situations, an experienced guide for parent and partner, a physical support person, an emotional's really hard to define a doula's role at every birth because the role changes with every birth. No experience is the same! 

Many families prefer the doula to be the main support for the non-birthing parent or partner, and some prefer the doula as the primary support.


Having a doula doesn't necessarily mean having a natural, "granola-birth." Having a doula means having educated, informed support for your whole family in this time of transition. Having a doula means having the birth experience you want to have. No more, no less.


What does a birth doula do?

It's easier to say what a doula doesn't do! Doulas don't provide medical care, diagnosis, or treatment for any condition or complication. A doula physically, mentally, and emotionally supports a laboring parent and their partner (if they have one) throughout late pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. 

What does the cost include?

2 prenatal consults

Birth attendance 

1 postpartum visit, including lactation consultation















Postpartum doula services:


What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula is a support person that creates a nurturing and supportive environment for you to settle into your role as new parent. They do whatever needs doing to support a new family. This can include some light housework or cooking- but they're not housekeepers or chefs. They're basically made of magic & possess baby soothing wizardry. 

A postpartum doula's skillset

Postpartum doulas are trained in newborn care, basic breastfeeding support, family support, and more. Many doulas are trained in additional skills like massage. 


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