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Lactation Consults: Booking FAQ:


Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?

When you book online, you will get an email from IntakeQ, our EMR system. If you don't receive a confirmation, please check your spam folders. If you requested an appointment and didn't receive a confirmation, you should hear from our staff within 24hrs to help you schedule your appointment. 


Do I have to answer all these questions?

When you fill out your history, it's really important that you be as honest and answer the questions as completely as possible. It helps us to know how to help you. We can tailor our suggestions to you if we have a clear picture of your health history. 

Do I have to consent?

The consent is a step that can't be skipped because it permits us to talk with you about your health & medical information. The information we collect in the course of our visit is private and covered under HIPAA- which means we treat your data very carefully. We also can't share any information with others without your consent. This means we need your approval to send referrals or reports to your primary care providers. 


Our Clinic

Our clinic space is sibling-friendly, and we offer water and tea in our comfortable waiting room area, as well as during consults. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out paperwork. We have a lot of pillows and comfort items on hand, like a My Brest Friend pillow, as well as a few chairs to choose from. We make every effort to be as homey as possible, while still offering a peaceful environment in which to help your family that is free from distraction. During COVID, we request that anyone who attends your visit with you be able to wear a mask over their nose and mouth for the entire visit. Thank you!


Online Appointments

We also offer online consultations. They're a great way to connect when you have more than one question, but not enough for a full consult- or if you'd prefer online help! This is a great way to connect across larger distances, too, for questions and help. We're happy to work with you online- we have lots of experience with the format and feel quite confident we can do many of the things that we typically do in a home visit online. To book an online consult, just make an appointment as usual, but include a note that it's an online consult. We will invoice you a deposit to confirm your appointment, and you can pay the balance after the appointment. A 24hr cancellation fee applies. 

Interns at visits
Interns are future lactation consultants as they gain their practice hours. They do this by helping with visits. Rest assured, we've vetted these fantastic folks who will be attending our visits. They are fully trained in their clinical skills and "bookwork" and are gaining experiential hours- sort of like a residency- to be eligible for the big exam. Interns complete tasks like weights, oral exams, latching assistance, and other things related to our consult- with direct supervision by our IBCLCs and only with your consent, of course! 

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