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What billing or insurance information will I receive?

You'll be responsible for the fee for services via an online invoice from Square services. Once you have paid your invoice (contact us if you need to create a payment plan or request a sliding scale), we can give you something called a "superbill." You submit this superbill to your insurer directly. If they cover our services (this varies widely among insurers and plans), they will reimburse all or part of the fees you have paid to Doula My Soul. You may also use your FSA or HSA to pay for lactation services. Doula services may or may not be covered as qualified expenses per the rules of your HSA/FSA. Check with your insurer or your company's HR director regarding FSA/HSA qualified expenses. 

How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?

It depends on how many visits we have, and how long it takes the billing department to process your superbill request. You are responsible for the balance of your bill, regardless of coverage by your insurance company.


Are virtual consults covered by insurance? Do you offer billing for them?

You can receive a superbill from your virtual consult as soon as the balance is paid in dull on your invoice! Coverage depends on your insurer. If you'd like a superbill, please request one when booking or at time of visit.  


How does a virtual consult work? 

A virtual consult is much like an in-person consult. We get to know you and learn about your situation, take down some background information about your health, birth, and anything else we might need to know to help you best, and we chat about what your goals are and how we can help. The first visit typically takes anywhere from 45-90 minutes, and subsequent visits are usually much shorter. 


I live outside your service area. Can I meet you somewhere? 

Of course! We can meet you anywhere you feel comfortable nursing your baby. Cafes, children's play areas, and parks (in good weather) make great meeting spots outside your home. We also often meet new families while they are still in the hospital or birth center- which can work well, too! Of course, there is always the office space in downtown Camas, WA. It's comfy and welcoming, and the price point is a bit lower, too. 


I can't afford your fees. Do you offer payment plans or trades?

Absolutely! We offer up to 6 installments if you need to break up the cost of care. We do add a 5% processing fee per installment. We do not charge interest on the balance. Payment plans need to be agreed to before care can commence, so please reach out to us via text or phone to arrange them. Thanks! 


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