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I started Doula My Soul from a need I saw in our community. Parents are tired. They need a single place to call for help with all the things. They want to have a trusted source of information, support, and trusted expert referrals when they need them. They need to be able to afford it. And they need culturally competent, compassionate, and inclusive care. Our team of experts offers that and more. We are honored to be that place for our community of new & expecting families. 

Every day, we work hard to serve folks from all backgrounds here at Doula My Soul. We are passionate about education for ourselves and our clients. We spend our time not working with families in volunteering our time for reproductive justice, learning evidence-based information for helping our clients in making important decisions, and in skills training to better provide expert support that meets real-life needs. Seriously, who needs to be told to sleep when the baby sleeps?! We want to offer you so much more than that.


Our team spend their work hours helping folks in the Portland Metro area (and beyond) reach their goals around birth, breastfeeding, chestfeeding, postpartum support, and early parenting. We also help clients with prenatal consults, labor, birth, postpartum, nursing, inducing lactation, bottle-feeding, special situations (like tongue-tie or babies with medical special needs), and weaning... and more. There's not much that is a new or surprising request for us anymore. After over a dozen years in the business, we've seen a lot! 


We even offer professional development classes, parent classes, groups, and events to better connect our community with resources and support, because there is a huge need for high-quality, realistic information that meets the needs of both modern parents and modern professionals.


The Doula approach is a family-centered approach. We look at more than just the latch and transfer of baby-- we look at every aspect to make sure all the pieces of your lives as new parents are serving your goals, and creating an overall sense of wellness in your home. There's so much more to breast- or chestfeeding and birthing than just babies and milk!

We have an absolutely incredible team of highly-skilled professionals assembled to support your family from prenatal classes to postpartum support, and everything in between. I'm really honored these folks have chosen Doula My Soul to call home, and I hope you'll get the chance to discover just how amazing they are! We are here for you, so you can be there for your kiddo(s). 

We offer expert help when and where you need it

woman in suit breatfeeding bald baby who is looking at the camera

Thanks for being amazing, community. We can't wait to meet you! 
IBCLC | Doula | Speaker | CEO of Doula My Soul, LLC

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