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What is belly binding? 


It's a method of binding a postparum parent's abdomen to encourage the fascia to heal more quickly and with the reduced weight of gravity on the core and lower back.  


How can this help after I've had a baby?


This can help prevent diastasis rectii and encourage a stronger recovery. Belly binding can also encourage a more naturally aligned posture, preventing thoracic and lumbar pain, and improving breastfeeding outcomes by facilitating better positioning.


Is there research supporting belly binding?


Yes and no. Research conflicts on whether splinting or abdomnial bracing is helpful postpartum. The consensus is generally that, while immobility is generally bad for the back & transverse abdominus, light pressure with flexibility (like with a cloth or elastic binder) is beneficial in supporting the structure of the core while it heals. This is why we use the Bengkung method of wrapped cloth, rather than a metal or plastic splint or brace. 


 How long will I wear it? When can I start?


You will start about 1-2 weeks postpartum, or 4-6 weeks after a surgical birth. You will find the most benefit wearing your bind for 8-10 hours a day, with the bind removed for sleeping. The binder actually helps with postpartum bowel movements- and can be worn while in the bathroom. It shouldn't be worn in the shower or while bathing. 


Is it comfortable?


Yes! Traditional elastic splints roll and twist because they're not long enough! The velcro can itch & irritate, and the elastic isn't breathable. The organic cloth is breathable and flexible, allowing more range of movement while still lending support. 

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