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Other Lactation Consultants:

Sometimes our group isn't a good fit, or we are booked solid! We want to make sure you get strong support in the community. Here are some great alternatives: 

Kindred Mothercare

Sejal is one of our overflow providers. You can read about her here. She has a wide breadth of training and experience, and is an enthusiastic supporter of families. 

Luna Lactation

Melissa Cole has a lot of experience supporting families here in the PNW. She is a great choice for families in need of experienced care, as well as herbal nutrition, and alternative medicines. 

Natural Latch 

Meg Stalnaker is a midwife and experienced IBCLC who can help with almost any nursing challenge. She offers home visits in the Portland area and is a kind, gentle, and friendly choice. 


Doula Services:

If our doulas are fully booked, we will happily refer you to the groups listed here. We would trust them with our own families:


Brave Birth 

Their mission statement: "We believe in honoring and supporting the whole Doula, her professional work, her family and her spirit. We do this in a group model, where we are members holding each other in a supportive network of sisterhood. By fostering this for ourselves we reinforce this in our clients. We help them find within themselves and their support network what they need and how to get there, and to be able to sustain that especially when our role is complete. By taking care of the Doula, we are taking the best care of the client." Brave Birth was born of love between two of the best doulas we know. It's a privilege to call these doulas community members! 

EnCourage Doula Care 

Jen has over twelve years of experience in education of new and expecting parents, and so her move into the world of birth support is organic. She's got a lot of personal and professional experience to draw from. You'll find warm, attentive, and experienced support with Jen. 


Bodyworkers for babies & their families:

Bodywork is great for helping tight muscles relax, recovery from birth & surgery, and helping get comfortable postpartum for both parents and babies! 


Doctor Korin Rasmussen

Korin is amazing! Her work with babies using chiropractic and craniosacral therapy (CST) is phenomenal. I've seen her work magic with my clients! 


Cloud Chiropractic

Dr Shannon Anhorn is just such a love! She's located in the East Vancouver/Camas area of SW Washington. The families that see her are always so happy with their care! 

Jade Chiropractic

Dr Molly Oullette is kind, sweet, and so deeply caring of the babies she meets and helps! I love her gentle approach to chiropractic and craniosacral care. 



Birth, Babies, & Beyond
Midwifery, doulas, massage and placenta encapsulation serving portland and SW Washington. 


Glow Midwifery

Great love opens the way! A wonderful homebirth midwife, Angela Truby is an asset to our birth community.




 Milagros Boutique

A boutique filled with everything you need for your new and growing family.  


Household Help:


Full Belly Fare

Handcrafted dinners, delivered. Lyla's food is mind-blowing! Allergy-conscious, and sustainably sourced, this is a must for new families! 


Spilt Milk Nannies

Spilt Milk Nannies Portland is a babysitting referral service for families living in the Portland, Oregon area.


Medical research & information: 


Dr. Ghaheri, MD

An ENT specializing in laser revision of lip and tongue tie and breastfeeding babies, he's probably one of the warmest, most knowledgable docs I've run across...and I run across a lot of docs! His blog is an excellent source of information regarding bresatfeeding and tongue tie (ankyloglossia). 


Dr. James McKenna

A fantastic body of research about safe sleep sharing with your baby. Dr. McKenna has devoted much of his anthropological research to the biology and normativity of shared sleep and the reduction of SIDS. 


Dr. Jack Newman

A comprehensive list of handouts and videos madeavailable to the public and professionals.


Emotional Support: 

Olivia Resnick

Olivia is an honest, open, and nonjudgmental care provider. She offers a therapeutic approach that is individualized and tailored to challenging her clients to get the most out of therapy as possible. Our clients have wonderful experiences! 

Malinda Trujillo

Malinda is warm, kind, and inclusive. She offers a gentle but strong voice for holding space while offering actions to help you move through from "stuck"  to a place of wellness. She specializes in trauma, PTSD (including birth trauma and PTSD), and more. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Dr. Tara May, Blue Leaf Wellness

Psychologist, grief coach, and speaker. You don't have to grieve the loss of your baby alone. Tara can help you bring more enjoyment, happiness, and ease into your life. 


Postpartum Progress

"We create healthier families by raising awareness, reducing stigma, providing social support and connecting mothers to help for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression."


Sam Stevens

Specializing in care for new fathers and fathers-to-be, Sam offers lots of local resources: Including a Facebook group, in-person meetups for new dads, and counseling and family therapy for families facing difficulty in the transition to parenthood.