On-Call Lactation Consultants

Our overflow IBCLCs are here to make sure you can get an appointment ASAP!

These folks aren't part of our core team, but we work with them to coordinate care to make sure we have immediate availability for you! 

Sejal Fichadia, IBCLC, CIMI, CPD

Postpartum Doula, Lactation Consultant

Sejal has an independent and thriving business as a postpartum doula and new parent instructor called Kindred Mothercare. She has taken so many trainings and educational courses, it is hard to keep up! She is a calming influence on a whole room of anxious new parents, and your baby's new best buddy (aside from you, of course)! 


Sejal speaks baby really well. She also knows about massage, OMT, lactation, tummy time, and the postpartum period.

She is our resident postpartum doula, infant massage instructor, and will be co-teaching a mindful birthing & parenting course in the Spring!  


When not at work, she spends time with her sweet family of 2 kiddos and her husband out in SW Portland.


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