About Sejal

Sejal's skillset

Sejal has been trained in infant massage, kangaroo mother care, oral myofunctional therapy, cranio-sacral therapy on infants, lactation, doula care, and about a half-dozen other things. She is highly educated and comes well-priced for the wealth of knowledge and breadth of care she offers to families. Sejal owns Kindred MotherCare and contracts with our clients with special packages and hourly rates. We are lucky to have her! 


Fees & Services

Sejal's fee is $40 per hour, with a 4 hour minimum for daytime hours. She offers overnight services at $45 per hour with a minimum of 8 hours- unless a family books a package, which reduces the hourly rate to $35/hr. 

Her services include:

  • Smooth transition to new parenthood

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Homemade vegetarian meals

  • Personal recipes from my family in India (if requested)

  • Sleeping and soothing tips for baby

  • Partner education and inclusion around baby care and bonding

  • 24/7 phone support

  • Organizing the space for baby and family

  • Kitchen cleanup

  • Laundry fluff & fold

  • Babywearing tips & instruction

  • Kangaroo care assistance

  • Help understanding your new baby or babies 

  • Local resources 


Sejal's care packages

  • 40 hour day­shift package: $1400 (with a minimum of 4 hours per day).

  • 40 hour night­shift package: $1600 (with a minimum of 8 hours per night).


Contact Sejal for more information.

Sejal charges a retainer fee of $160. This retainer is not refundable if you cancel less than five days before the day she begins working with your family.