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About Stacey

Stacey's skillset

Stacey has seen thousands of families since beginning her work in 2002. She has grown and developed into a powerhouse of birth and breastfeeding knowledge- supporting a diverse landscape of families in a wide array of situations. Her background includes working in hospitals, non-profit clinics, and a private practice to help support parents during the childbearing year- listening to their goals and providing empathy before answers. 

Services & Fees

Lactation Consultation

Initial home visits are 1.5-2hrs long, and are completely comprehensive. Stacey can help with any feeding question from simple to very complex. She has extra training in the areas of tongue and lip tie, as well as the use of herbs for lactation. 

Stacey has a strong background in education, as well. She conceived of and developed the Lactation Consultant Education program for Birthingway College of Midwifery. She has since handed that off in pursuit of more face-to-face time with families, her true passion! 

Stacey also offers personalized hospital visits. She can come to your room or to the NICU as long as visitors are allowed and approved by your facility. As a visitor, she can offer assistance and consultation on the topic of lactation and infant feeding. 

  • Initial Lactation Visit: $235

  • Follow Up Lactation Visit: $100

Birth Doula Services

Stacey has served families as a birth doula since 2002. She began her work in Los Angeles, and moved to Portland to continue her work. She teaches the art of doula work at many training programs throughout the area. As she's in high-demand for teaching, Stacey's birth clients tend to be fewer. Contact her directly to inquire about her availability for births! 


Stacey's fee is $1500 per birth. This includes:

  • 2 Prenatal visits (1.5 hours each)

  • Full-Birth Attendance: From onset of active labor (or OR prep) to early postpartum

  • ​​Help with baby's initial breastfeeding

  • 1 postpartum follow up visit

Parent Education

Stacey has worked with many groups and organizations to promote, support, and protect birth and breastfeeding for families. She's deeply committed to parental education, autonomy, and self-efficacy. 

If you'd like to book Stacey for your group or event, please contact her via email here.