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My energetic personality and ability to make people feel comfortable in just about any situation paired with my nine years as a public high school teacher in rural Alaska and Portland have equipped me with the tools that drive my doula work. A deep commitment, a grounded presence, and soothing support are what you can expect from me. I place a lot of respectful emphasis on listening to my client’s needs and strive to bring the information and heart they seek to the table. And being there for the coparent with caring and enthusiastic support and information is also one of my highest priorities. I am invested in being present in my wraparound care of you as your birth Doula, which means your emotions around your birth story, the early days of feeding, newborn care in your home, and your birth healing are all on my radar. I wholeheartedly believe every birthing person deserves to feel safe, loved, and listened to during their birth and postpartum experience. From our first meeting until we conclude our walk together and you move into your new normal as a family, “I’ve got you.”

It wasn’t until I gave birth myself and I needed lots of postpartum support that my strong nurturing instinct for mothers and their babies kicked in. I understood the value of quality prenatal care and education and how vital it is in shaping a person’s birth experience. The childbirth process, labor positions, breastfeeding, and birth preferences creation are some of the topics we discuss prenatally. And during labor, I employ a variety of comfort and positioning techniques. I like to say that a birthing person’s medical advocacy begins when they choose their own birth attendants (spouse, grandparent, Doula, primary care provider). And when a birthing person has the right attendants at their birth they have a large hand in determining that person’s ultimate comfort level and birth outcome. It’s as simple as that. 


  • BA Theater Arts and Communication Arts, Linfield College, ‘04

  • Masters of Arts in Teaching, Lewis and Clark College, ‘07

  • DONA Birth Doula Training

  • DONA Postpartum Doula Training

  • ICEA Childbirth Educator Training

  • Belly binding training

  • Hypnobirthing trained Doula


  • Placenta services

  • Public and private (in-home) childbirth education course offerings

  • Labor and birth photography included in birth package for clients

"I appreciated Kelly’s presence the other night in our shared birth.  She was an amazing advocate, especially when it came to her client’s comfort, informed care, and consent. She set the stage for a warm and open labor space and supported her client and her partner in the most indispensable ways. I appreciated her collaborative effort and her respectful communication with the nursing staff, OB team, and anesthesia team. 


All in all, I hope to work with Kelly again because she exemplifies the type of birth support that I aspire to provide. Thank you!!!


I think she is amazing!"


-Rachel B.